We invest in value-add real estate projects

Bliss Venture Group specializes in finding and acquiring assets with untapped value - then executing detailed strategies to maximize these assets.

Our objective for each project is to deliver exceptional returns to our investment partners. We do this by buying commercial real estate in premium or gentrifying areas and enhancing value through construction, renovation or full repositioning.

BVG is interested in buying the following property types:

- Multifamily – Apartment or Condominium Developments
- Mixed-Use
- Retail
- Office
- Hotels & Resorts
- Properties requiring change-of-use or re-positioning

If you own a property that is undervalued or underutilized, we will consider joint venture deals with existing owners, provided that BVG and its investment partners gain full control of the asset. This type of deal structure often allows a seller to enjoy additional profits and appreciation in value, rather than simply selling the asset.

If you own a distressed property, please contact us to discuss a possible partnership or sale.


Experience + Creativity + Strategy
We acquire projects in which we can add value in a big way

Bliss Venture Group is a privately-held investment firm that delivers exceptional returns to its investment partners through the acquisition of opportunistic real estate deals.

BVG has successfully negotiated, acquired, built or improved properties ranging in value from $4 Million to $105 Million. These projects span various asset types, including hotels, offices, mixed-use commercial real estate and multifamily real estate. In each of these cases, BVG has designed strategies to maximize value and optimize returns to its investment partners.

According to CEO Dan Bliss, “In a competitive market, it often requires creativity to recognize and capitalize on big opportunities. The best deals are frequently overlooked, until someone solves the puzzle on how to maximize an asset. That’s what we do, and that’s where we unearth real value.”


BVG has completed or is currently involved in these projects:


Hotel, Condos & Marina
Cape Coral, FL
PROJECT: Hotel, resort and marina development purchased for $45 Million – just a fraction of its development cost.

STRATEGY: Hotel has been successfully converted to a Westin Resort, and condos are nearly sold out.


Mixed-Use Development
Garden Grove, CA
PROJECT: Distressed half-built development with 280,000 SF of retail and apartment space.

STRATEGY: Acquired developer’s rights and partnered with a major contractor to convert to assisted living.


Boutique Hotel & Event Center
Aurora, OH
PROJECT: Deteriorated 69-room historic hotel in upscale community.

STRATEGY: Successfully hired HGTV celebrity designer Genevieve Gorder to reposition hotel and rest/bar concepts.


Office/Apartment/Hotel Building
Atlanta, GA
PROJECT: Unfinished 75,000 SF renovation project where the developer defaulted to the bank.

STRATEGY: Purchased deal directly from bank for less than 25% of its cost.


Our savvy partners who recognize untapped value

BVG works closely with its established network of investors and strategic partners. These investors include funds, asset managers, property owners, business owners and high net worth individuals.

Our investors understand that exceptional returns can be achieved by using creative strategies to maximize a property or business. Our investors are entrepreneurial, savvy and capable of recognizing the true potential of an asset.

BVG forms partnerships to syndicate most acquisitions - typically with a select few capital partners. Our investors enjoy returns that are timely and proportional to all other investors. In other words, we treat our capital partners equally and fairly.

The structure of these deals vary according to a number of factors, including the type of deal, budget, timeline, risks, acquisition terms, improvement strategy and the needs of the participating investors. Deals are always structured to align the interests of BVG with its investors.

All deals, partnerships and syndications are done privately and are not available to the general public.

Under no condition does BVG solicit investors or make any public offers to invest in its projects.